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About Julie Badlam Collado

I started Candid Jules Photography in hopes of encouraging people to take more family pictures and just as I do, cherish professional photos of their children forever.   

I am inspired by time, we cannot stop it....a photo is our only tool to do so.  I named my business Candid Jules Photography because candid shots are my absolute's the actual moment, not posed.  

When I am behind the camera, I feel something that I cannot express in words.  It's the only time I get lost in time, encourage spontaneity and welcome environmental changes.  This is how I know I am in my element.  Happiness is born from the commitment of being engaged in meaningful work.  Giving my clients something they will never, ever throw away is feeling that I cannot describe.  I look forward to preserving your memories for generations to come. 

Candid Jules Photography
A Photo is forever

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